WHEELER, Michael

Présentation / Presentation

Michael Wheeler is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Stirling. His primary research interests are in philosophy of science (especially cognitive science, psychology, biology and artificial intelligence) and philosophy of mind. He is also interested in developing ideas at the interface between the analytic and the continental philosophical traditions. His book, Reconstructing the Cognitive World: the Next Step, was published by MIT Press in 2005. Since then he has published widely on the nature of, and the prospects for, so-called 4E (embodied-embedded-extended-enactive) cognition, with a special focus on the subtle and complex ways in which human beings intimately couple with technology to transform, enhance, and sometimes impede, cognitive performance.

À propos du hasard / About chance (publications)

  • Wheeler, M. Talking about more than Heads: the Embodied, Embedded and Extended Creative Mind, in Gaut, B. and Kieran, M. (eds.), Creativity and Philosophy, Routledge, London, 2018, pp. 230-50

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