Publication : “episteme”, issue 4: “philosophy for another time; towards a collective political imagination”, february 2021

One might find it strange or even difficult to write about Divya Dwivedi and Shaj Mohan; on the one hand, in the common atmosphere of philosophy that prevails in universities and intellectual circles these days, little is said about the two. This, of course, stems from a tradition that essentially seeks to suppress any different or altered voices and turn them into a part of the production and supply mechanism that is engulfing everything and everyone around the world. The works that are born from the heart of such a culture tend towards a form of totalitarian domination and provide a platform for the apparatuses that result from it. Here domination does not mean the power of repression to turn society into a merely disciplined and obedient whole, but a power which finds its continuity in the preservation and expansion of the life of the subject. A power whose purpose is the precise management and control of life, and whose existence is formed in this way.

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